AEGIS Core Values

AEGIS is a strategy & management consulting firm that provides senior level advice and guidance to our clients. The firm is dedicated to finding practical solutions to the tactical and strategic challenges faced by the Finance function.

“Our five core values: agility, integrity, quality, trust and commitment to results permeate the services and experience we deliver for our clients.”

Greg Derderian

Co-Founder & Managing Partner AEGIS Advisory Partners, LLC


Trust between our clients and the AEGIS team; trust within the joint teams we work; trust amongst our team members; and trust that doing the right thing every time is the way we live.


Quality is the hallmark that we have been known for throughout our careers. This is a distinctive attribute that stands out for AEGIS as we are measured against our peers.


We bring agility to every engagement. While we maintain detailed service methodologies, they are a guide. We customize our approach for each client and pivot to meet our client’s needs.


Integrity is at the heart of our brand. AEGIS believes that the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles in all that we do is integral to our success and yours.

Commitment to results

Delivering outcomes and experiences that our clients care about and expect is how we set ourselves apart from the others.