AEGIS embodies large firm excellence, while delivering the undivided attention, care and individual client service necessary for transformation program success. We provide practical advice with a focus on helping companies solve complex business challenges. We emphasize what will work for a client’s particular situation.

“During turbulent times, organizations need stable, dependable leadership
that have led major global transformations successfully. Knowing the pitfalls
that endanger these initiatives and having the deep know-how to mitigate
these risks are essential to realize sustained impact and program success.”


Co-Founder & Managing Partner AEGIS Advisory Partners, LLC

  • At AEGIS, we help organizations meet the business demand for improved performance. We focus on success factors, identify obstacles, and propose practical solutions.
  • As we help our clients resolve program impediments, we create a straightforward, implementable strategy that makes sense for your unique organization.
  • We embody dependable results driven leadership that have successfully led the spectrum of initiatives, from small individual advisory engagements, to major global transformations. Our results are both qualitative and quantitative.
  • We know the pitfalls that endanger these projects and possess the deep functional know-how to mitigate these risks.