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Our AEGIS team members are regularly requested speakers at industry and training events. Our published thought leadership is offered to help capture these relevant topics in a manner that will be useful to those who access this information.

Will You Survive the Recession?

Analytics Scorecard for Survival & Growth

The recession debate has been occurring for the last year. Are we in, is it coming, will it be severe, how will it impact our business, how long will it last, etc. are all the discussion topics. But the most important question is not being widely discussed – how do we survive AND then thrive during recovery?

One thing is certain, many organizations are taking the traditional belt tightening approach – cutting staff.  We know that this approach is not a long term solution – the cuts are temporary, and organizations fatten back up when business improves. What is needed is a more thoughtful and informed approach!

This is where the Analytics ScorecardTM comes to the forefront. This webinar discussion focused on the challenges economic downturns present, the usual reactions, and why a different approach is needed. Developing and applying an analytical decision making approach is essential. Our presenter’s share a perspective using the Analytics ScorecardTM , including current  examples of what has worked or not.

Presenters: Gregory Derderian (AEIGS Advisory Partners), Lawrence Maisel (DecisionVu), and Robert Zwerling (Aurora Predictions)

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Controlling Costs During Economic Uncertainty

Recession is on the minds of executives, and with it the knee-jerk reaction to cost cutting, as manifested in the breadth of layoffs announced recently. But is this the right decision? Are these informed decisions that will not negatively impact future business?

This webinar – Controlling Cost During Economic Uncertainty – informs that the “norm” of cost take-out as the answer to financial challenges is incorrect. The presenters put forward that Analytics Driven Cost Management is a better approach to “optimize” costs during times of both stress and prosperity.

This webinar covers the conceptual approach, its components, a practical example, and introduces the ground-breaking Analytics Scorecard TM that is central to remove bias from the decision-making process.

Presenters: Gregory Derderian (AEGIS), Lawrence Maisel (Decision Vu Analytics), and Robert J Zwerling (Finance Analytics Institute)

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Thought Leadership Series – Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG): “Demystifying ESG”

New York, NY, March 2, 2022 – AEGIS Advisory Partners, LLC (AEGIS), a strategy and management consulting firm, working in conjunction with BrightWorld ESG, an ESG strategy consulting firm, announces the release of the 1st installment of their four-part thought leadership series on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting. AEGIS will explore the content, current reporting topics and measures, an ESG reporting delivery approach, and the impact and value to be realized from ESG reporting in this series.

This paper defines ESG and why it is important to organizations, how the regulatory landscape is evolving, and developments in global standards for reporting – topics that should be high on the CFO’s agenda.

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Experience is defined as the result of the contact or involvement a constituent has during a particular event, process, phase of their journey, or work.  It is the broad set of stakeholders that must be considered when modernizing an organization, function, or process. The stakeholders (we will refer to them as “constituent’s” going forward) have a diverse and important set of needs and expectations that must be understood. Without that understanding, the ability to influence change and manage those expectations becomes difficult at best.

The authors have leveraged the Target Operating Model (TOM) framework to discuss the importance of experience and its impact on the other TOM components. Manipulating one TOM component could result in conflicting knock-on impacts to another component. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the conflicts and use a structured approach to evaluate the trade-offs.  The authors explore why and how to incorporate experience into an organization’s operating approach.

Authors: Gregory S. Derderian, Donald B. Rogers (both AEGIS) and David Cowing (NovusNorth)

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Improvement programs are not meeting expectations. Transformation programs are complex initiatives that can touch every aspect of an organization’s Operating Model. These initiatives must be governed with appropriate care to yield the desired benefits.

Complex programs challenge even experienced organizations. As transformation program complexity increases, execution risk rises. Strengthening Program Risk Control (PRC) through experiential guidance will mitigate execution challenges and increase program success likelihood. PRC is a critical element for “keeping the train on the tracks” and avoiding the “Transformation Derailment.”

Authors: Gregory S. Derderian and Donald B. Rogers, CPA – Managing Partners of AEGIS Advisory Partners, LLC.

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Thought Leadership Series – The Target Operating Model: “Delivering on the Promise”

In this third instalment of the Target Operating Model trilogy: “Delivering on the Promise,” AEGIS examines the AEGIS Finance Maturity Model; expected Macro Results of a Modernization Program; and the “Art of the Possible” relative to specific TOM component improvements.

The latest research indicates that despite the multitude of challenges faced by the global economy in 2020, including COVID-19, CFOs are highly optimistic about the future. They are ready to capitalize on an economy that appears to be on the precipice of unprecedented growth. This growth is expected to fuel investment in modernizing finance teams to keep pace with the competition.

Finance organizations need to adapt to meet the demands of a post-pandemic environment by investing in their operating model’s modernization initiatives. CFOs must deliver on a promise of a modernized Finance function as a critical strategic necessity. The role they can play in helping transform the future of their business is now more important than ever before. The Target Operating Model is the vehicle that can help them achieve their mission.

Authors: Gregory S. Derderian and Donald B. Rogers, CPA – Managing Partners of AEGIS Advisory Partners, LLC.

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Thought Leadership Series – The Target Operating Model “The Modernization Journey”

This paper describes how to start the modernization journey, key considerations, and thoughts on how to prioritize the improvement actions. This builds on the Target Operating Model framework established in the initial paper released in February 2021.

Authors: Gregory S. Derderian and Donald B. Rogers, CPA – Managing Partners of AEGIS Advisory Partners, LLC.

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Thought Leadership Series – The Target Operating Model “Foundational Framework”

Doing more with less is business as usual today. Meeting regulatory requirements, understanding market dynamics and competitive impacts, delivering on the information demands of the organization, and providing a desirable constituent experience all challenge the Finance function. CFO’s and Finance leaders need a sound framework to balance these challenges and make the crucial decisions that enables Finance to succeed – for less. This is where the Target Operating Model (TOM) comes into play.

The TOM serves as a foundational framework to analyze the Finance function from a holistic perspective. The TOM is comprised of ten key components and can be leveraged to facilitate a comprehensive review.

Authors: Gregory S. Derderian and Donald B. Rogers, CPA – Managing Partners of AEGIS Advisory Partners, LLC.

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